Awareness about Burma

ChildTRAC, in cooperation with the student organization Universalis (Charity Committee), organized a three part lecture series at University Collage Maastricht (UCM) in February and March 2011. The aim was to raise awareness about the situation in Burma and to introduce the work of ChildTRAC, as well as possible internship and volunteer opportunities, to Maastricht University students.


The events took place at the lecture hall of UCM, Zwingelput 4, and were scheduled as follows:


24.02.2011, 6.15 PM  Burma’s continued struggle for freedom

The lecture is given by Nyi Nyi Htwe, our guest speaker from the Burma Centre Nederlands. Nyi Nyi Htwe introduces his native country Burma and reveals the main issues at stake concerning its ongoing political crisis. The lecture is meant as an introductory presentation to the topic. Students will gain insights and get a clear grasp of Burma’s current situation in order to understand the causes for huge number of refugees fleeing the country. After the lecture students can ask questions and engage into a discussion with Nyi Nyi Htwe.

03.03.2011, 7 PM  The work of ChildTRAC - RESCHEDULED TO 24.03.2011, 7PM
The evening consists out of two presentations. The first presentation is about the work of ChildTRAC in Thailand. Students gain background knowledge about to the living and working situation of Burmese refugees in Thailand and get to know the mission and current projects of ChildTRAC. The subsequent second presentation makes students familiar with the available internship and volunteer opportunities. Those can be in the form of hands-on project work in Thailand, a research project carried out in Thailand and/or Maastricht as well as local volunteer position in Maastricht. After the presentations students can address questions. 


17.03.2011, 8 PM  Movie “Burma VJ” and discussion
The film documents the historical days of September 2007 when Burmese Buddhist monks started their peaceful ‘Saffron Revolution’ and went marching all across the country. Through the means of small handycam footage powerful journalistic material was produced that was smuggled out of the country and then broadcasted back into Burma via satellite as well as by free usage of international media. The whole world has witnessed single event clips made by the VJs, but in this movie, their individual images have been carefully put together and at once, they tell a much bigger story of live in a police state. The movie is followed by a discussion with a guest speaker.


To see the trailer of “Burma VJ” go to: